Back Down the Track: Photographs By Barry Crump


Barry Crump never died. He just shot through, back down the track for another look. The last, longest look. And if you want some clues on what he’s looking at, this collection of photos might help.They’re Crump’s pictures, New Zealand the way he saw it. They are part of the magic he left behind. “Back down the track” is Crump’s unique view of New Zealand. Crump had well defined areas of interest when it came to pointing the camera and knew exactly the sorts of pictures he wanted to take – humble abodes, fence posts, ancient farm hardware, stark trees, letter-boxes and cosmic clouds. Accompanied by quotes from some of Crump’s best loved titles, it is easy to see from where he drew his inspiration for the colorful characters and scenery that made his books so appealing to New Zealanders.


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